NEW~! 1993.5 New MKiV Feature book. Describes all about the release of the new body style and all its features. Explains how things function and technical notes on the new electronics. 258 pages.

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Custom Installs and Technical descriptions

NEW-! Replacing the #2 CT-12 Cartridge without removing the entire system.

Sheet-1 scans and descriptions

Sheet-2 Instructions

The following are wiring references for Installing a “RACELOGIC” for OBDII US 1997

This new Digital Adjuster pretty much eliminates the use of a laptop. Track day today, Sept.28th 2005, and was the first time using the RLTC System. This unit is awesome over OEM traction control. I purposely stood on the gas coming out of turns and she maintained a straight line. All you can hear is the sound similar to hitting the rev limiter, but more passive. I was able to carry much more speed going into the straights without the fear of the ass end coming around. I tested most levels of “slip” and today, I settled on 7%. They say up to 20%, but I tested that, and you really need to get you wheels spinning to have it kick in. The Digital Adjuster can set the 1)Wheel Sizes 2) Read each and all wheel speeds in graph form for testing. 3) Adjust Slip levels 4) Make “Cut” tests in 3 levels and there thresholds. 5) Set Launch Control 6) Set Speed range.

When I installed the 6 injectors wiring, I used the supplied Molex quick disconnects and a longer pigtail. So if I ever decide to go back to stock, I just unplug the connectors from the RLTC and snap the male/female to each other, closing the circuit back together.